3-Ingredient Chocolate Dessert Recipes For Emergencies

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When a chocolate emergency strikes, sometimes a simple candy bar just won’t do. Sometimes you need a fudgy brownie, a moist piece of cake or a serious cookie. Decadent chocolate desserts of this nature aren’t easy to make though, right? When you need a chocolate treat in a pinch, you have to either go out and buy it or settle for a less-than-satisfying alternative at home, correct? Not exactly. Thanks to an awesome infographic by SheKnows, decadent chocolate desserts can be yours with minimal effort in mere minutes.

What kind of minimal effort, you ask? Three-ingredient minimal effort. That’s right, friends. There are a whole bunch of chocolate desserts that require only three ingredients. In other words, they’re totally within reach when a serious chocolate craving strikes.

Here’s a fun fact to get your week going: Chocolate truffles and chocolate peanut butter cups are easier to make at home than you think, and that’s just the beginning of three-ingredient chocolate dessert recipes.

Check out the infographic below and then see SheKnows for full instructions for each recipe. And if three-ingredient desserts are still a little too much work, this two-ingredient Nutella brownie recipe is for you.

3 ingredient chocolate desserts

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