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originally posted by: Blue Shift

It’s a little hard to keep up with everything going on with the hoopla about the Navy’s encounters with UFOs, but one thing still sitting in the back
of my mind is, where are the other branches of the military with all of this going on? Certainly, if the Navy has had these encounters, the other
branches of the military must have also. But I’m not aware of them making a peep about it.

I wonder if maybe they’re just lying low to see what happens with the Navy and the people out there trying to spill the beans. Whatever they’re
thinking, it doesn’t seem to be, “Now that somebody’s talking about it we can add our testimony to the mix.” There must certainly be people out there
with compelling stories to tell. Maybe they’re more afraid of prison time than the Navy personnel.

Just wonderin’.

I know exactly why.

Knowledge is power, to a point.

All the different branches of our defense system, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, CIA, NSA, FBI.. and any and all other confidential
agencies/branches not to be named are run by us, humans. We dont all play nice in the sandbox together. People at all levels have agendas, every
General, Admiral , Chief, etc. In addition to our National Security they are also focused on their own individual lives, getting promoted, maintaining
their pension, passing performance reviews, being #1 etc.

They dont all share information.

The right hand often doesnt know what the left hand is doing.

The culture in the military has made UFO such a no go zone, people dont want to talk about it. Whether its by threat of a higher agency, or by threat
of social ridicule, or by threat of your livelihood.

If you have ever served in any branch, you will know, they have you by the balls no matter what.

The people that came forward did so because they were sick and tired of everyone pretending it wasnt happening, while THEIR lives were at risk in the
sky potentially colliding with the objects.

Also, take this into consideration, if there’s intel out there, that big ego, higher ups dont have that they want access to and they have knowledge
of… and they are being blocked at every turn, then they can make the decision to smoke it out.

If the Navy doesnt know, and they want to know.. then bringing it forward.. will smoke it out.

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